What to Expect in a Fitting – Clubfitting Sequence

Here is a basic outline of what you might experience during your fitting appointment. A fitting can last from ninety minutes to several hours. The initial fitting is $100, which is fully credited towards your purchase. First we take a good look at your existing equipment, including the set make-up, length, loft angle, lie angle, swingweight, actual weight, MOI, shaft flex, wear patterns and shaft bend orientation.

Then we sit down for a short interview and I fill out a fitting profile form. I ask questions such as “What kind of golfer are you?” “What kind of place does golf have in your life?” “Are you a recreational player or have goals to be the club champion?” “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” “When you miss a shot, where does it typically go?” “Are you more concerned with distance or accuracy?” “What club or clubs do you consider using for a 150 yard shot?” and “Do you have any favorite/least favorite club or clubs?” etc.

Now its time for some action! A little stretching and start hitting balls indoors. We will use a computer swing analyzer to measure several attributes of the swing like clubhead speed, tempo time, swing path, wear pattern on clubface, ball flight accuracy, and distance. For more advanced fitting, we will use our doppler based launch monitor which measures ball speed, ball spin rates, launch angles, carry and total distance, the angle of ball descent, the angle of attack with clubhead, and others.

We begin using test clubs and face impact stickers to help us learn more about your strengths and preferences. We focus on helping find the clubs that are easier for you to hit near the center of the face a higher percentage of the time. The 3 primary variables for iron test clubs are length, flex, and shaft weight. There are many more variables that may come into consideration, depending on our objective. We use this info to learn what test clubs to take with us to the driving range. We pile into a car for a short 5 minute trip to a nice outdoor driving range just up the road at Puerto del Sol Golf Course. As a PCS Certified “Class A” Clubfitter, I have made this trip thousands of times over the last 19 years, and know how to keep you relaxed and focused. I will teach you how to properly observe ball flight, so that you can tell me how your clubs are performing after they’ve been built. Most folks swings get better once we are in the great outdoors hitting range balls. Now we carefully use the test clubs to fit you through a process of elimination, much like being fitted for prescription lenses by an eye doctor. For instance, many people are sensitive to the weight of different clubs. We find what is too light and what is too heavy, and then fine tune your need for weight and balance point. Whether you’ve ever thought about this or felt any difference isn’t necessary. By educating you, we will help you to make better choices about your golf equipment and set make-up.

By now you may have hit over a hundred balls and are ready to go back to the shop for a cold drink. We now record information gathered and figure out the clubs you need that fit your budget. We fit you for your grip, and collect a deposit of half down. Typically the clubs are ready in two weeks. After picking up your shiny new clubs you then go and play a dozen or so rounds and come back for your first set of adjustments. Most folks are set after one or two adjustments, however you have unlimited lifetime adjustments and smoothing and polishing service.

A huge difference between us and them is that we take full responsibility for your golf equipment properly fitting you and giving you the results you want. For instance, if I made a mistake and you have the wrong flex in your driver shaft and it’s going crooked, it is my responsibility to replace the shaft at no cost, until it is right. After all, we are in the business of making people happy, and if you aren’t happy, we are not in business. Please see the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section for more helpful information.

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